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You Shouldn’t Dismiss The Xbox Free Games With Gold for May 2022

the xbox live gold free games program doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus. This is largely because Microsoft has stopped putting much effort into adding worthwhile games to the Games with Gold program, instead opting to add those games to Xbox Game Pass. There are reports that indicate Microsoft will one day be doing away with Xbox Live Gold entirely by combining it with Xbox Game Pass, but no official plans to that effect have been announced at the time of this writing.


Since Microsoft has clearly stopped trying with the Xbox Live Gold free games program most months, it’s safe to say that many users have started ignoring them. After all, the primary reason to be signed up to Xbox Live Gold is to get access to online multiplayer anyway, with the monthly free games added years later as a bonus. But just because the Xbox free Games with Gold have been mostly underwhelming these past couple years, it doesn’t mean subscribers should dismiss them entirely.

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Some Xbox Live Gold subscribers may very well be tempted to completely dismiss or ignore the Xbox free Games with Gold for May 2022. However, that would be a mistake. While none of the games included are exactly blockbuster, high profile releases, there are some underrated gems available as part of the lineup this month. It doesn’t hurt to claim the games one for one’s collection, and so Xbox Live Gold subscribers may as well snag them while they’re available.

Free Xbox Games With Gold Games for May 2022

  • Yoku’s Island Express (May 1 – May 31)
  • The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk – (May 16 – June 15)
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane (May 1 – May 15)
  • Viva Pinata: Party Animals (May 16 – May 31)

Right now, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can claim Yoku’s Island Express and Hydro Thunder Hurricane from the free Games with Gold May 2022 lineup. Yoku’s Island Express is a unique platformer game that combines traditional 2D platforming elements with pinball gameplay mechanics. Also incorporating Metroidvania elements, Yoku’s Island Express earned mostly positive reviews at the time of its original release in 2018, and shouldn’t go overlooked, especially by pinball and platforming fans. It’s one of the best Xbox free Games with Gold games that have been given away this year, and it’s available until May 31.

The other free Xbox Games with Gold game for May 2022 that’s available right now is Hydro Thunder Hurricane. For the uninitiated, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a boat racing game that originally released for Xbox Live Arcade. It earned mostly positive reviews from critics and became a fan favorite XBLA game, so Xbox Live Gold subscribers should grab it while it’s free. They have until May 15 to add it to their collection.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is admittedly a weird case and may not be quite as appealing as Yoku’s Island Express. Besides the fact that Hydro Thunder Hurricane is an older game, it has also been given away as one of the Xbox free Games with Gold games in the past. In fact, Hydro Thunder Hurricane was one of the Xbox free Games with Gold games for September 2017. Some subscribers have also had trouble claiming Hydro Thunder Hurricane since it’s been free. Regardless, it’s a solid game and still one of the better free game offerings that’s been given away this year. Its inclusion may be a bummer to dedicated Xbox Live Gold subscribers that claim every free game, but it’s a win for those who missed out the first time around.

Later this month, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have two more games to claim for their digital libraries. From May 16 to June 15, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk will be available as one of the free Games with Gold games. a sequel to The Inner World, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk is a classic-style point-and-click adventure game that received mostly positive reviews when it first released in 2017. The point-and-click adventure game genre isn’t for everyone, but those that give it a chance will likely come away satisfied.

And finally, the last Xbox free Games with Gold game for May 2022 is Viva Pinata: Party Animals. A spinoff of the long live pinata franchise, Viva Pinata: Party Animals is essentially the mario party version of long live pinata. It has the worst review scores out of all the Xbox free Games with Gold games for May 2022, but it may still be nostalgic for some gamers that played it back when it was originally released. It should also be a solid pick for anyone looking for a party game to play on Xbox.

The Xbox free Games with Gold games for May 2022 aren’t going to light the world on fire, but they shouldn’t be completely dismissed. Xbox Live Gold subscribers should make sure to claim the games while they’re available and try to get the most of their subscription.

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