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Xbox Games Will Soon Stream Directly To Your TV, Rumors Claim

Rumors state that Microsoft is developing a new device that will let players stream Xbox games directly to their TVs as part of an ongoing initiative.

Xbox players might soon be able to stream their favorite games directly to their TVs, at least according to a new rumor. While Microsoft’s gaming division is still largely focused on supporting consoles like the Xbox Series X/S, the company has been working on developing new ways to bring Xbox gaming to consumers who wouldn’t normally purchase a designated system by integrating its new Xbox Cloud Gaming. technology with Xbox Game Pass. In 2020, Microsoft brought Xbox Game Pass to mobile devices, and last summer saw Xbox Cloud Gaming launch for Windows PCs and Apple devices.

The potential of Xbox Cloud Gaming in relation to branching out toward non-console gamers was recently bolstered when the massively successful Fortnite was finally brought to iOS-compatible mobile devices through Microsoft’s services earlier this week. Xbox executives have gone on record stating that they wish to reach over three billion gamers around the world, a goal the company aims to achieve through its Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud services alongside support for free-to-play titles like Fortnite and the multiplayer version of last year’s blockbuster halo-infinite. Now, it looks like Microsoft is ready to take the next step in its continuing mission of reaching the non-traditional gaming masses: TV streaming.


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According to a new rumor from VentureBeat, Microsoft is working on a new streaming device that will enable users to access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate directly on their TVs alongside movie and TV services. Details about this device are still shrouded in mystery, but the rumor speculates that it may look like similar products like an Amazon First Stick or a “small, Roku-like puck.” Even better, Samsung owners won’t need a new device at all, as Microsoft is supposedly working on an Xbox game-streaming app for that company’s televisions. Both of these are said to be debuting sometime in the next 12 months and are part of Microsoft’s new Xbox Everywhere initiative.

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Microsoft’s renewed focus on building Xbox’s user base through streaming comes at a time when rival Sony is rebranding its own subscription services in hopes of gaining new users. This expansion in the form of PlayStation Plus Premium, a new tier of the ongoing PlayStation Plus service that will grant players access to older titles from the PS1, PS2, and PSP eras. Additionally, content streaming mega-company Netflix has already started branching out into the realm of gaming as of late last year, releasing a small range of mobile titles that can be accessed by subscribers.

Only time will tell if and when these rumored Xbox streaming devices and apps will be released, but it seems like the next logical step in Microsoft’s ongoing initiative to reach new players who might not be ready to commit to a designated console or gaming PC. More information about this new Xbox streaming device and how it will allow gamers to stream their favorite Xbox titles straight to their TVs will hopefully be released soon.

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Source: VentureBeat

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