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Xbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core

(Pocket-lint) – Xbox’s recently-launched Elite Series 2 Core controller means that things are now a little more complicated if you’re looking to pick up an official pro controller for your Xbox.

You might be getting a little confused by what’s different about the Core controller versus the full Series 2, so we’ve got all the comparisons you need, right here.

Xbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core: Price

The Core controller is a good way for Xbox to lower the price of entry on a controller, since it only costs $129.99 / £114.99 compared to the $179.99 / £159.99 price tag of the full Elite Series 2.

That means you can get in on some of its customization without having to shell out the full whack.

If you later want to add the features boasted by the full Elite Series 2, you can do so by buying a $59.99 / £54.99 Complete Component Pack.



Xbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core: Design

The big difference between how the two controllers look comes down to color (by default). The Core has a large section that’s white, whereas the standard Elite Series 2 is black all over.

This is complicated by the fact that the Elite Series 2 is soon going to be customizable using Xbox Design Labs, letting you choose from a range of colors, making it way easier to get a controller that suits your style.

This won’t be available on the Core, though – the cheaper controller is only available in white at launch.

Xbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core: Buttons

Here’s where things do start to get a little more different – the whole way that Xbox has cut the price of its Core controller down is by not including some of the extras that come with an Elite Series 2, and that includes the extra paddle buttons on the back of the controller.

This means that you don’t have the added control options that are normally so key to pro-grade controllers, making it a slightly interesting compromise to our mind.

They can be added in later, using that Component Pack, but it’s important to understand that only the full Series 2 will arrive with extra buttons that you can actually use.

XboxXbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core: What's the difference between Microsoft's pro controllers?  photo 2

Xbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core: Features

There are a couple of major features that both the Core and full Elite Series 2 do boast, though, which will thrill some gamers. For one thing, you can adjust the tension on both thumbsticks using an included tool, making each one tighter or looser depending on your comfort.

This is great for precision aiming or looser steering and can make a big difference while you play.

Also included on both controllers are trigger stop switches – a small toggle between three levels for each trigger that lets you choose how far you have to press it to actually input the button press.

Again, this is massive for many genres and in particular in shooters, where any saving in how long it takes to start firing could win you a gunfight.

Both controllers also have wraparound rubber grips for more comfortable long playing sessions, and 40-hour battery life that you can charge up with an included braided USB-C cable.

Finally, both let you swap between custom button profiles on the fly, and remap those profiles really easily using an app on your Xbox, to create completely customized and revised button maps as you like.

Xbox Elite Series 2 vs Elite Series 2 Core: Accessories

The biggest difference between the two controller options that Xbox is offering is down to what comes in the box with each.

If you opt for the newer Elite Series 2 Core, you’ll get the controller itself, a tool to let you change its thumbstick tension, and a braided charging cable. That’s it, hence the name Core.

If, instead, you go for the full-fat Elite Series 2, you’ll additionally get a charging dock, four paddle buttons to add to the controller, additional thumbstick options to swap out, and a four-direction d-pad in case you prefer that style. Finally, it also comes with a hard carrying case to keep all that safe.

That list of extras is exactly what’s included in the Complete Component Pack, so if you get the Core you can add them to your controller later.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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