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What is hosting and how to choose the right hosting for your website

Hosting is the home of your website. Let’s clarify the meaning and definition of hosting and how to choose the most suitable hosting for your online project.

Son often forgets to address the most basic notions, assuming that everyone knows what we are talking about… in reality everyone does not have a precise idea of ​​the meaning of the word hosting in IT.

What is accommodation? What does it mean?

choose the right hosting for your website
choose the right hosting for your website

To understand what hosting is, let’s start with the English translation of the term. Hosting derives from the English verb “to host” which means hosted. With the term Hosting, we mean in fact the set of services that allow you to host all the files that make up a website within a server, to make it accessible via the Internet.

To be present on the Internet with a website, you need a space that hosts the site and makes it accessible online.

Hosting services are offered by “Hosting Providers”, specialized companies that take care of preparing everything necessary to host sites on their platforms: connectivity, server farm, various types of protection, etc., in taking care of the maintenance and preparation of the tools that users will use to develop and manage their website.

In fact, there are different hosting services with different plans structured according to various needs.

We talk about shared hosting, when a site shares hard disk, bandwidth and performance (CPU, RAM, etc.) with other sites hosted on the same server, or dedicated hosting when a site has an entire site for exclusive server use.

How to choose the right accommodation?

Which hosting should I choose for my website? Choosing one specific hosting service over another can bring many benefits, but to answer the question “which hosting to choose?” », it is essential to understand the needs of the moment and to anticipate possible future growth.

For example, to host a static website you don’t need a lot of resources, but for an e-commerce service, active 24/7, you need other guarantees in terms of reliability and performance. .

In other words, the choice of the right hosting varies according to our needs and the characteristics of our website.

Linux or Windows hosting, which one to choose?

What is the difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting? One of the most frequent errors is to think that for a Linux Host you must have a PC with Linux and for a Windows Host a PC with Windows: this is not the case, the operating system of the PC is absolutely irrelevant for choosing the hosting plan.

The choice between Linux hosting and Windows hosting varies according to the needs and not according to the operating system installed on the computer. Depending on the applications, languages, and databases you plan to use, it’s best to choose one or the other.

If we intend to create the website with a CMS, with WordPress or Joomla, using php as the programming language, then the choice to make is definitely a Linux hosting plan.

If, on the other hand, we want to create a site in Asp or, we will have to opt for Windows Hosting.

Another difference is in the type of database supported by the two different hosts, MySQL and SQL Server.

SQL Server databases are available only for Windows environments while MySQL databases are available for both platforms but it is better to use them on Linux hosting because Windows platform despite a good level of compatibility, is not optimized for these languages.

Accommodation must be:

Secure hosting

Access to data is protected by constantly monitored and updated firewalls. In addition, each package includes a free SSL certificate to guarantee the encrypted transmission of information exchanged between your site and your visitors.

“Elastic” hosting

If the limits provided for by the subscribed package are reached, the site is not blocked but will be automatically enriched by switching to the superior solution for 14 days.

Fast Hosting

The performance of our Linux and Windows hosting platforms is continuously analyzed and improved, to provide your website with ever faster response times.

Flexible hosting

Linux hosting and Windows hosting plans scale to the size of your website, support major programming languages, and include easy-to-use management panels.

In conclusion, which hosting to buy?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve learned what hosting is and what the main differences between Linux hosting and Windows hosting are.

The choice of one or the other certainly depends on the type of website you plan to create, but you get very good results with both solutions.

In the choice of Hosting, in addition to the characteristics of the site, the authority and reliability of the Host, that is to say the company that offers the Hosting services, are also of fundamental importance.

Secuserv hosting is indeed able to offer your website flexibility, security and the best online performance.

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