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What Do Custom Software Developers Want Out of Work?

There are several things software developers want out of work. According to recent data, nearly 25% of software developers are actively looking for a new position. In addition, about half of developers are open to switching jobs if they feel the right position comes along. As a software development company manager, you need to know what developers are looking for at work. This way, you can offer your employees everything they need to stay happy and satisfied on the job. Plus, you can retain valued professionals at your company. Read on to learn about what software developers want out of work.

Opportunity to Learn New Skills

First, many software developers are looking for the opportunity to learn new skills at work. Ideally, you should offer your developers time to learn new coding languages ​​if they work for your current project. Indeed, surveys show that developers are more satisfied on the job when they’re coding in a language they like. For example, some of the most loved programming languages ​​include Rust, Python, and Kotlin. In addition, many developers enjoy coding in Go, Dart, and Julia as well. Ultimately, you can leverage these skills whether you are working on a web application, mobile app, or creative writing software. Of course, you can also offer training courses and development workshops to improve your team’s skills. This way, they can keep up with the latest industry trends as they grow. Definitely, offer your developers opportunities to learn new skills to keep them happy on the job.

High Quality Tools

Next, you should also offer your developers a chance to work with high-quality tools. Importantly, this can make their job easier and streamline the coding process. For example, many top development companies use an advanced Kubernetes registry by jfrog. With this tool, you can provision your K8s cluster with the charts and images you need to orchestrate your application. In addition, this containerization software offers fine-grained access control to share packages and images across your organization, securely. Plus, it uses remote repositories to proxy your public Docker resources. Then, it can cache your downloaded Docker images so they’re available on the local network. In short, provide your developers a chance to work with high-quality tools to maintain satisfaction.

Excellent Management

In addition, many developers are looking for excellent team management in their work company. For example, many employees want managers who encourage independent, creative thinking on their projects. This way, they feel their ideas are being heard and they have opportunities to bring new features to a project. Additionally, try not to micro-manage your employees. Often, this conveys that you don’t trust them to do their work properly. Instead, you can motivate your team and advocate for them if product development tries to shorten their schedule. Of course, you should also know what it takes to build quality software. Then, you can provide guidance and make decisions along the way.

Flexible Hours

Moreover, many software developers are looking for flexible working hours to stay satisfied on the job. If you’re managing a remote or hybrid team, establish core working hours for everyone to be online. For example, you might keep your team on from 10 am to 2 pm. This way, communication won’t fail on the project. Simultaneously, you give your developers the flexibility they need to care for children, complete a master’s degree, and maintain a positive work-life balance. Plus, developers can work at the hours that are best for them, whether that’s 7 am or 7 pm. As long as you stay on track to meet deadlines, this flexibility is great to increase happiness and job satisfaction in your company.

Career Advancement

Furthermore, offer opportunities for career advancement in your company. For example, you might offer vertical movement to the lead developer or VP if you’re managing a smaller company. In a larger organization, you can offer different opportunities such as a junior or senior developer. Alternatively, you might provide them with more responsibilities such as testing or automation. When possible, you should also offer increased compensation to acknowledge your employees’ time and experience. Indeed, this shows that you’re grateful for their work and can allow them to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

There are many important things software developers want out of work. First, many employees are looking for an opportunity to learn new skills. Next, developers often want to work with high-quality tools. In addition, developers want excellent management practices that support creative problem-solving. Moreover, offer flexible working hours so your employees can maintain the right work-life balance. Furthermore, career advancement is another key item developers are looking for in their company. Consider these points to learn about what software developers want out of work.

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