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Turing The Intelligent Talent Cloud Company For Remote Developers

Q1. What is Turing and how is it relevant to India?

Founded in March 2018 by ex-Stanford graduates and serial AI entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, is a talent cloud that enables companies to hire, manage and scale their dream engineering team with the “push a button” concept.

The work-from-anywhere model is booming across India, and remote jobs platforms are powering this growth. India is replete with a talent pool in the tech sector and Turing is able to connect them to the best companies and some of the smartest folks out there across the globe. Following the #remotefirst concept many Indians can seek remote software developer jobs with 200+ firms, including those backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen, Founders Fund, Kleiner, and Bloomberg. Developers can live at home, take care of their parents and families, and bring foreign exchange to the Indian exchequer.

Q2. How does Turing operate? How are the employees paid worldwide?

The company has built an AI-powered deep jobs platform that makes the remote hiring journey easy by providing in-depth developer profiles, rigorous vetting processes, fast hiring and management solutions for modern-day hiring challenges and rewards both companies and developers with its Intelligent Talent Cloud.

Intelligent Cloud by Turing is the first and only AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud that helps to source distributed teams of developers by software. It is vetoed by software, matched by software, and managed by software. The cloud uses AI to connect the world’s best software developers to high quality software jobs with top US firms. Intelligent Talent Clouds like Turing take the hiring process that typically requires months and shortens it to two days, often on the same day, for many roles. It captures performance reviews from every prior manager that the developer has had. These reviews provide scores on their strengths as well as their areas for growth.

Turing is able to use on-the-job performance data to make highly accurate matches. Its deep matching algorithms make optimal matches between the right developers and the right jobs and make remote development easy, compliant, and secure, mainly by abstracting away the complexity of managing distributed teams. With, companies can hire pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber remote software talent across 100+ skills in 3-5 days.

Q3. How is it promoting the #remotefirst concept?

We follow a fully remote company setup with a core team of 500+ people across the globe. We have remote developers for hire from over 30k cities. Going further, we aim to deepen our global presence and envision changing the way companies work by setting an example of how software developers can expect a better work-life balance and better compensation while working remotely with us.

Q4. Women are now dominating the tech space. Do you notice the same rise at Turing too?

We certainly see the trend at Turing. We have over 100k women developers registered on our platform and the number is growing really fast across 150+ countries. In our developer community, the women to men ratio is close to 80%. We saw a huge participation of women developers in our recently conducted conference for Women in Tech which saw participation from over 140 countries.

Q5. How does Turing upskill or train the remote developers?

Turing offers upskilling workshops, career development sessions, networking meetups, and a lot more, all designed to team remote software developers with tools building up right from technical skills to soft skills, and career development insights to networking opportunities to build a strong career.

Q6, Can you describe how Turing compares to legacy outsourcing marketplaces such as Upwork?”

Although recruitment marketplaces have an extensive talent pool, there’s always a certain level of skepticism around the quality of developers. Hiring is always time-intensive for companies, and when they hire from a recruiting platform, they’d have to spend a lot of time vetting through the profiles and interviewing potential candidates. Additionally, marketplaces focus on gig workers who are likely to be interested in short-term or part-time commitments, thereby making it difficult for the companies to seek candidates for long-term projects and engagements.

Turing solves both of these problems. All Turing developers are rigorously pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley bar, saving companies a ton of interviewing time: typically 50 hours per hire. Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms match the right developers to the right jobs, decreasing the turnaround time and increasing the hiring speed. Once the developer is matched, customers enjoy a 97% success rate in the engagement.

We have long-term commitments with our developers. Plus, we’re the first and the only platform assessing developers for soft skills like communication skills, ownership, and leadership.

Q7. How do you plan to expand further in India?

India is a key focus market for us. We have seen Indian developers bringing significant value to clients and the opportunity to work with top US companies, the flexibility to work from anywhere and get US based salaries is welcomed by the Indian developers. We have started India focused community events, marketing activities and developer upskilling workshops to enhance our penetration and focus here.

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