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Texas Rangers Mailbag: Will Postponed Games Halt Momentum of Four-Game Winning Streak?

For the first time in 40 years, the Texas Rangers have gone three consecutive days in a season without playing due to weather-related issues. Therefore, we’re taking the extra time to check the pulse of the fan base as the team waits one more day to hopefully begin their three-game series in the Bronx.

Some fans seem annoyed at the loss of two days more importantly, “momentum”. Do you think these three days off will have any impact on team play at all?
-Joe Siegler@JoeSiegler)

It’s hard to say. If anything, this might be a good challenge this team embraces. They’ve had to face the challenge of getting over a 2-9 start, and have gone 8-5 since. Last year, the road was a constant thorn in the team’s side, and they’ve gone 6-5 away from Arlington this year. Now, they have to sit on their hands for three days, then play 16 games in 15 days.


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