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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra vs. Tab S7 Plus: Should you upgrade?

In the Android tablet space, Samsung is heads above the rest of the pack. The company consistently delivers fantastic hardware with enough software tweaks to make Android apps actually usable. Its arrival was a bit overdue, but Samsung has finally updated its flagship Galaxy Tab lineup. So chances are, you’re likely wondering whether you should upgrade when deciding between the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra vs. Tab S7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra vs Tab S7 Plus: Design

Galaxy Tab S8 UltraDisplay

(Image credit: Andrew Myrick/Android Central)

Industrial design is Samsung’s bread and butter, with only Apple being able to compete on the same level in the mobile space. That trend continued with the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus back in 2020, and it’s even more apparent now in 2022 with the Tab S8 Ultra. But 2022 also marked the first time that Samsung released an “Ultra” tablet and added a third option to the lineup.

What helps the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra stand out from the pack is simply its size. The display measures in at a whopping 14.6-inches while still sporting a Super AMOLED panel capable of offering a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Those who have been wanting a laptop-sized tablet have had their prayers answered with the Tab S8 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ display

(Image credit: Hayato Husseman/Android Central)

Initially, you might think that this means the Tab S8 Ultra is going to be comically large, but that’s simply not the case. In fact, if you compare the width of the Tab S8 Ultra vs Tab S7 Plus, they are identical at just 0.22-inches. Samsung being able to cram all of this flagship-level hardware into a slim chassis is part of why the Tab S8 Ultra is so impressive.

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