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PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller For Mobile & Cloud Gaming On IOS 2022 REVIEW

PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller


The PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller is probably my favorite mobile gaming controller at this point in time. It provides a variety of methods to connect and you don’t have to deal with an app when it comes to configuring the controller. It’s competitively priced and really fun to play with.

  • DESIGN 95%

  • EASE OF USE 100%

  • PRICE 95%

  • User Ratings (0 votes) 0%

The controller is versatile for wired or wireless mobile gaming.

As cheesy as it sounds, this controller is a game-changer. The MOGA XP5-i Plus features both Bluetooth and a wired connection to your iOS device. This gives you the option to ensure your connection is the best it possibly can be while providing you the comfort of mobility.

The MOGA XP5-i Plus controller from PowerA is designed for use with Apple products and is MFi-certified. The gaming clip that is included is compatible with all current iPhone models and because you can connect using Bluetooth, the controller can also work with an iPad or Apple TV as easily as an iPhone. The controller has mappable advanced gaming buttons that can be programmed on-the-fly. It also has a built-in power bank so that your iPhone always has power.

PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller

Main Features

  • MFI certified for Apple devices
  • Integrated 3000 mAh battery with MOGA Boost to charge your devices
  • Includes Lightning port for controller charging and USB-C port (with USB-C to USB-A adapter) for charging iPhone
  • Enjoy the precision of controller inputs for mobile gameplay vs. touchscreen
  • Mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons to give a competitive edge in any game
  • Share iOS screenshots or video
  • Detachable MOGA Gaming Clip with dual-articulating mechanism that fits any current iPhone model
  • Rubber-injected grips for comfortable gaming sessions
  • Connects wirelessly to your iOS device via Bluetooth

Pricing & Availability

The MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller has a list price of $79.99 and is offered through as well as authorized resellers such as Amazon.

PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller


The XP5-i+ Controller comes in a box with an image of the product on the front. The front of the box also lists some of the main features of the device including the integrated 3000mAh power bank, mappable buttons, and detachable phone clip. The back of the box shows a diagram of the controller and some multilingual descriptions of the product. Inside the box, you’ll find the controller, the detachable clip, a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and a manual.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to try out several different types of mobile gaming controllers and one of the things I found unique about this controller right away was that it provides the user the option to connect via Bluetooth or with a cable. Most of the controllers I’ve seen have given users the option to connect one way or the other — not both. The other unique feature of this controller is that there is no companion app. This made using the controller much easier than some of its counterparts.

PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller

The first test Iran was to connect the controller to my iPhone 13 Pro via Bluetooth. This was a very easy process. You switch the Bluetooth switch to the ‘on’ position (where you can see green) and press/hold the pairing button until the LED under the MOGA logo is flashing quickly. The pairing button is located next to the R2 trigger button. Once the LED was flashing, the controller appeared as an option in my phone’s Bluetooth menu and I was connected immediately.

I’ve found that one of the best tests for these mobile gaming controllers is to play Call of Duty: Mobile because there are some controllers that work and some that don’t. I was actually surprised to find that the XP5-i Plus worked with no additional modifications. I started the game up and entered a training session to test out if the controller would work normally. It did so then I joined the multiplayer game option. I played a couple of rounds and thought the controller responded really well. I didn’t notice any lag with it and because of the controller’s shape, it was comfortable to play with.

PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller

Even though the MOGA controller can be used hard-wired, it does not come with a cable. Even though I have extra Lightning cables laying around, it would have been nice if one was included. After I attached a USB-C to Lightning cable to the controller and my phone, I booted up Lego Star Wars. This is a game I have played many times with a connected controller. It worked really well with the MOGA controller, too. I didn’t have to do anything special other than turn the controller on to get it to work.

The phone mount for the controller is a little different than some designs I’ve seen. This one wraps around the bottom of the controller and snaps into place. The phone rest is adjustable, but the joints where it can be tilted are tightened by knobs. It’s functional, but not quite as elegant as some other types of mechanisms.


I’ve been very impressed with this controller. It’s moderately priced in comparison to other mobile gaming controllers and it offers more features than some of them do. The only question I have is how long it will last. It seems to be built really well so I would think that if you take care of your gaming gear, it will last for a long while. I would easily recommend this controller and would get it again if the occasion called for it.

For more details, visit Power A, Facebook, and Twitter.

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