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PALM AV ICN Expo: The Success of the CAVS (Certified AV Specialist)

Following the success of the CAVS (Certified AV Specialist) certification course conducted by Mr. Ranjit Singh in 2019, PALM AV-ICN 2022 will once again organize the 3-day three-day certification course from May 26 – May 28, 2022, in Hall 1 of the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon.

PALM AV-ICN is fully committed to galvanize professionalism with this certification programme. CAVS will be run by Indian professionals to train on Specs, Techniques, Tools, Technologies, Trends. The three-day certification course will be conducted by, Abdul Waheed, Managing Director, EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Arif Patil, Principal Consultant at EYTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The course aims to empower attendees with an understanding of technology and trends in AV. The CAVS Certification is aimed at providing knowledgeable manpower, replacing the ‘electrician’ with a ‘qualified integrator’ and creating a talent with specific learning for AV integration.

Anil Chopra, Founder Chairman, CAVS, Guidance Message

CAVS is the mantra. The ethos of CAVS is to provide an independent neutral education forum suited to Indian AV ecosystems. AV professionals in India will be imparted basic knowledge of AV to gain their commitment to a future career in AV as a technician and join an integration team on par. Having a Certificate from AV-ICN platform providing the participant credibility to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who claim privilege. CAVS certificate launched, covers basic curriculum introducing the applicant to essential AV protocol and standards, the must know factors. CAVS will introduce advanced courses in the future, imparting learning in AV Design and Networking and Integration and full capability to practice AV consultancy for large projects.

Global Standards and Specs, latest techniques and products, adopting cutting edge solutions will be learned in the CAVS courses.

My guidance is clear, seize this opportunity to create and strengthen CAVS platform. Participate and have independence in developing communication and networking integration systems for our future infrastructure where India needs to compete with the world. CAVS IS THAT MANTRA. Join the force,” said Anil Chopra.

Message from Abdul Waheed

Elaborating on the importance of the CAVS programme, Abdul Waheed said, “Learning should always be an important aspect of life. It is one of the major differentiating factors between winners and losers. The companies having erudite workforce prosper and shine. Post pandemic situation has made it more significant. During the lockdown situations, many institutions offered a lot of training sessions and programs for people to learn and add value to their expertise. Sitting at home, they offered many opportunities to sharpen the skill sets. Many have taken advantage of it, many couldn’t.

Technology is ever evolving field and to be on top of it, one always has to go through continuous learning. But when it comes to Audio Visual Technology, unfortunately there is no formal education available out in the field. There is Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Engineering in Computer Technology, whereas AV field is mixture of two along with the basics of Physics and Science. This is making it very difficult to get trained educated students in AV field directly from the institutes.

AV dynamics are changing day by day. This pandemic has forced everyone to be at par with technology. Clients are now talking about experiences and not just about features or equipment’s. Its time for us to talk in the same language and keep ourselves at par as the market dynamics are now becoming prosumer.

CAVS, Certified Audio-Visual Specialist, is a unique training program being brought to you by PALM AV-ICN expo every year. This year it is scheduled to be held in the month of May giving a wonderful opportunity to those who want to seek, learn and make a career in AV field. This is equally important to the companies who have entered the AV market domain but want to have their staff to go through a formal training of AV to enhance their sales and quality of services.

Right from AV basics, the physics behind audio, the engineering behind videos, the equipment being used, and achieving integration and automation through control systems, the syllabus covers complete course of AV that a specialist in AV should possess. This is going to be a three-day classroom training program being taught by certified experience specialists who are in the field for more than 20 years.

To grow and enhance yourself in the AV industry register now for the course. Those who are interested should not miss the opportunity as the training program is coming to your doorstep!”

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