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Original Xbox Franchises That Ended In One Generation

The first 3D generation saw a huge change in the industry with the release of the PS1. It was seemingly a miracle that Sony could release a console to compete with Nintendo and Sega and come out on top. Microsoft seemingly looked at Sony as an example and decided to try the same thing in the next generation with the Xbox.

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While it didn’t launch until a year after the PS2, the Xbox was still successful thanks to one game in particular: Halo. That’s not to say that the system didn’t have plenty of other great games as well though. Some went on to new generations while others never got to see another sequel outside of this console generation, which includes the Dreamcast, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance as well as the PS2.


8 Blinx

Blinx: The Time Sweeper was Microsoft’s attempt at creating a mascot platformer. It was received well for what it was at the time and even got a sequel. This sequel added the addition of co-op to the campaign but is one of the more forgotten sequels on the original Xbox.

The first game is up and ready for backward compatibility but the second game is not. It’s odd to see one game in a series on the store without the other. It’s also strange that Microsoft hasn’t attempted to make a third game or reboot the series by now.

7 Crimson Sea

Crimson Sea was a brawler mixed with a shooter that began as an Xbox exclusive series. This was a Koei game, so the combat is somewhat similar to the Dynasty Warriors series. There was a sequel too, but the exclusivity went from the Xbox to the PS2.

Both systems have one game in this series and that is it. There are no ways to play these games today unless one finds a physical copy or uses online emulation. They are not forgotten classics that everyone must play but they are still fun action games.

6 NightCaster: Defeat The Darkness

NightCaster: Defeat the Darkness might be one of the most obscure games on the original Xbox. As the name might suggest, this was an action-adventure game starring a powerful mage.

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Similar to Blinx, the second game added co-op to the mix. Even though that feature was a vast improvement over the original, it wasn’t enough to get one more sequel. There is unfortunately no way to play these games through backward compatibility either.

5 Otogi: Myth Of Demons

Otogi: Myth of Demons was a cult classic among hardcore Xbox fans. This series was developed by FromSoftware, years before they created the Dark Souls franchise. They are mythical versions of those types of games with a samurai twist.

The two games were eventually added to the backward compatible library much to the delight of fans. These are not easy games to break into. Souls-like games like these two are going to be challenging beyond belief but rewarding as well.

4 Outlaw Golf

The original Xbox did not have that many exclusive sports games on the console. One of the biggest examples though was the outlaw series that began with Outlaw Golf. There were two of those titles as well as a tennis and a volleyball sequel. They are realistic in design but are also goofy.

Think of this series as an attempt to bring Grand Theft Auto-style humor to sporting events. copying GTA was very popular in this era of gaming. The golf games are the best to check out today but, like with many OG Xbox titles, they are not backward compatible.

3 The Suffering

The Suffering was set in a prison wherein a nightmarish monster plague breaks loose. It’s a horror-action shooter title wherein players have to break out while surviving this outbreak. There was one sequel, but that was it.

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Even though there were only two games, Warner Bros. was interested enough to make a movie based on the series. The film has since been canceled and this series remains obscure today, forgotten without the help of emulation.

two truecrime

the truecrime series began in LA and offered a combination of Grand Theft Auto meets kung-fu action movies and The Matrix. truecrime borrowed a lot from its contemporaries to make a memorable but messy game. It was popular enough to get a sequel set which was set New York City, starring a new cast of characters.

After that, work began on a sequel set in Hong Kong. This game would eventually be canceled around the time that Square Enix gained the rights to truecrime. The work done on this Hong Kong sequel was retooled and rebranded as Sleeping Dogs. truecrime almost made it to new consoles but the series technically died during the original Xbox era.

1 X Men Legends

X Men Legends is another series that skirts the line when it comes to sequels. There were two games made during this era, both being co-op action brawlers based on the popular comic series. They were celebrated as some of the best co-op games and RPGs on the system.

This gameplay style would be used in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. That series can be considered a spiritual successor to X Men Legends but the games are not true sequels. Fans would surely love to play these games again in a remaster or port.

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