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James Donkey RS2 review: Retro style, modern substance

Put a donkey on it

James Donkey RS2 37

Yes, James Donkey. A relative unknown in the world of keyboards, known more for some questionable gaming mice than it is for gaming keyboards.

Despite this, we were pretty excited to test out the RS2, the Retro styling is something we haven’t seen a lot of recently, and hot-swap switches are always fun, so let’s see what James has to offer.

Amusing name aside, this keyboard promises a lot. Not only is it a full-size hot-swap board, but it utilizes a gasket-mounted design too, and we haven’t seen a lot of those roll through the WePC office. So, let’s see how Jim’s stallion fares.

James Donkey RS2 specs

James Donkey RS2 1

James Donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard

Switch type

Gateron Brown

form factor

100% full-size


USB Type-C, 2.4GHz


Yes, with 3 or 5-pin Cherry-style switches