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How to Setup a VPN on a Router in 2022

The most thorough method of protecting your home’s internet connection is a VPN router. You can remove human mistakes by protecting your local connection just at the source – because it is always on, you will not have to remember to enable it.

You’ll also be able to use the best VPN to secure devices that do not support VPN services natively, such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

However, the setup process may be considerably harder than with standard VPN providers on mobile or PC, and while some companies have specialized applications for routers, many require manual setup, which can be rather difficult.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you do not have a suitable router, you can establish a virtual network in a hurry. Read this guide to setup to vpn on a router.

What is the simplest method for installing a VPN on a router?

ExpressVPN is the simplest VPN to set up on your network. Your membership will allow you access to a specialized router application that is unequaled in the VPN market, making it our #1 selection for reliable service overall.

After you’ve subscribed to ExpressVPN, you can search for guidelines for all of the routers that work with the application. If you already have one – or even if you acquire one – the setup is quite simple:

Although there are slight differences between routers, the methods are essentially the same. Now, you’ll need to download ExpressVPN’s software for your particular router. Remember to save your activation code.

Then, without internet connectivity, switch on the router and install the software. ExpressVPN includes instructions for all devices. The router should then be restarted.

It’s worth noting that if you’re configuring a secondary router for VPN services, you’ll have to connect the new router to your existing one via an Ethernet wire. If you’re utilizing a single router, you may skip this step.

Following that, connect your phone to the VPN router by local internet or cable. You’ll be taken to the ExpressVPN Router panel, in which all you have to do is input your login details to finish the procedure.

Why should I connect a VPN to my router?

You should connect your VPN to the router because if you stream most of your entertainment stuff on a Smart TV or gaming console rather than a Fire Stick, you will need to use a VPN service on a router to get geo-blocked content or dodge government restrictions.

This is because those devices do not fully enable VPNs, although some VPNs do provide applications for them, they are essentially DNS-spoofing software rather than actual VPNs.

A VPN on the router is however a smart choice if you merely want blanket immunity on your local internet connection — each device will be protected.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about installing a VPN on the router because you have several devices to protect with a single membership, we recommend looking into a service like ExpressVPN, which allows up to 5 devices on a single low-cost package.

You may install a VPN service on any supported device in your home for a single monthly fee, and users won’t have to deal with your network at all.

How to Setup a VPN Without Using an App

Things might become a little more complicated if you may not have an ExpressVPN package and are utilizing a new provider. To save time, it might be a wise investment in a pre-flashed router from a company like FlashRouters.

This configures your new router with the appropriate VPN software – and yet most VPNs maintain agreements with these providers to give discounts and incentives.

This is simpler than installing ExpressVPN’s software, but it is more expensive – particularly if you want one of several best routers on the market.

Which VPN is the best to install on a router?

ExpressVPN is without a doubt the best VPN to install on a router. Its specialized application allows the users to install it on a broad range of routers, while older devices can still be installed manually.

However, the nicest part about ExpressVPN is that it simplifies everything – from the router dashboard to the 24/7 customer care agents. ExpressVPN is a fantastic solution for any device, whether it’s a router, Windows, or iPhone.


VPNs are essential for internet security for a variety of reasons. Security is a relatively prevalent user requirement these days. From working to streaming your favorite movies on a Fire Stick, gaming consoles, or Smart TV, the ordinary consumer’s security risk is 3 to 4 times larger than it was when most of us just had a PC.

You now have a VPN to install on your router and encrypt your connections to your preferred streaming services.

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