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How To Play Steam Games on a Chromebook

Chromebooks aren’t really gaming devices. Sure we can play a few web games but AAA games on a sub $200 device isn’t going to cut it, unless we employ a little ingenuity.

Steam Link is an application to connect a compatible device to a gaming PC running Steam. It is merely a client that sends input to the Steam PC, and receives a video stream, giving the player the means to remotely play their games. Steam Link runs on many devices – you can even install Steam Link on Raspberry Pibut handily for us there is also an Android client that we can use with a compatible Chrome OS device.

Newer Chrome OS devices are an interesting mix. They can now run a Linux container, essentially a Linux OS inside of Chrome OS (see how to run Linux on a Chromebook). We can run GUI Linux applications in Chrome OS without the need to hack. We can also run Android apps alongside both Chrome OS and Linux, giving us a flexible platform for not much money.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

In this how-to we shall set up a Chromebook (we tested on a Lenovo Duet) to run the Android Steam Link client and connect to our Steam PC. To play our games we shall use a Bluetooth controller connected to the Chromebook device.

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