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Hocking College partners with career center and fire departments

Hocking College partners with local Career Center and fire departments to train high school students in firefighting

NELSONVILLE – Hocking College partnered with Eastland-Fairfield Career Center, Violet Township Fire Department, and Madison Fire Department to offer high school students an opportunity to train for the Firefighter II Certification.

Interested students had to be turning 18-years-old by the end of the course and have a valid driver’s license. They also had to complete an application, be interviewed by local fire chiefs and superintendents, and pass a physical exam.

Twenty local high school students have been meeting for 2.5 hours every weekday for the entire school year for training and lectures. Classes have been very hands-on and intensive. Students have learned teamwork, integrity, how to use safety equipment, how to manage hose lines, car extractions, and how to put out different types of fires, such as cars, dumpsters, propane, and house fires.

Classes began on August 12, 2021, and students will be completing the program on May 25, 2022, when they test for the Firefighter II Certificate. Any student who wishes to continue their education in firefighting can continue at Hocking College with 13.5 credit hours already completed.

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