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Fortrex: Color Duels Is The Gaming Token To Redefine The Crypto-Gaming Sphere And Be As Valuable As Dogecoin

The biggest and trending coins in the cryptocurrency market currently are gaming tokens, with several play-to-earn projects produced daily. Several meme coins after the Dogecoin (DOGE) have incorporated P2E games into their ecosystems, with their users getting passive income with each play. However, several of them turn out to be exploitative, but Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) is bringing a huge change to the sphere.

Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) is a real-time strategy game where players try to paint several minions with colors to explode in their enemies’ camps. The game is developed with Unity Engine and is available for Android and iOS devices. Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) is run by Magnolia games (MAGG). This is a gaming company with an international team whose focus is to develop fun games and build a sustainable decentralized economy with them.

Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) will be a game-breaking the boundaries set by play-to-earn games in the crypto-verse. For instance, Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) will be a mobile game that is a largely untapped market with even more users. As a result, the COL token will be as valuable as Dogecoin (DOGE).

Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) will be a play-and-earn game, but its focus is not on the money it generates for itself or its players. Its primary aim is to design an enjoyable game with a seamless experience that will keep players hooked from start to finish. Regardless of if you’re earning or not as you win or ose, you should enjoy this game as you’d expect from any mobile game.

Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) With A Potential To Be As Profitable As Dogecoin (DOGE) With Its In-Game Assets And Other Features

Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) can be as profitable as Dogecoin (DOGE) as one of the few P&E games to be mobile-based and without cheat. Unlike other P&E games where you can buy your way into earning, Fortrex: Color Duels will be a pay-to-fast game where you only pay to speed up your game but do not have any significant advantage over other players.

For Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) to be as big as Dogecoin (DOGE), it has incorporated a few features into its game, including game credits, staking vault, watch-for-credits, NFTs marketplace, and a game wallet.

The game credits are free and will be given when you play the game’s free mode, and they’re essential to your game progress. Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) has a staking vault where players and token holders get incentives for locking their COL funds in smart contracts. Over time, stakers will have access to the MAGG tokens, the governance token of the ecosystem.

There’ll also be a watch-for-credits feature that players gain COL tokens when they do not want to buy. For example, if you watch videos from Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) partners, you get extra tokens to build your wallet and gain as many credits as Dogecoin (DOGE).

The NFTs marketplace will be useful for players who want to be part of ranked games as the NFT “battle pass” is required to enter. You can trade NFTs freely in the marketplace with COL. Fortrex: Color Duels will have an in-game custodial wallet to hold your COL tokens and in-game assets earned to keep your assets safe. It’ll also help with the conversion of COL tokens into ERC-20 tokens or NFTs.

You’ll also be able to transfer crypto assets from outside wallets into your in-game custodial wallet.

The DAO Of Fortrex: Color Duels (COL)

Fortrex: Color Duels (COL) will be governed by Magnolia DAO, which gets a part of game revenues. DAO revenues will be gotten from battle pass sales, in-game assets, and NFTs market royalties.

If you’ve been looking for P&E games that can be fun and as valuable as Dogecoin (DOGE), Fortex: Color Duels (COL) is your best option. Sign up, buy COL tokens, and explore the gaming ecosystem today.

Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG)


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