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Forget Elden Lord, this Elden Ring streamer is the self-proclaimed Bimbo Mage of the Lands Between

“Even the drag queens are playing Elden Ring,” says Elden Ring’s self-proclaimed Bimbo Mage. And she’s right. I first stumbled upon Trashly (who streams the game in full drag) on TikTok, where she’s gone viral multiple times for her hilarious stream clips. the video I saw has over 2.5 million views – in it, she uses mimic tear to transform into a chair and float through a dungeon, quipping at the NPCs fighting each other instead of her. “I’m just a chaiiiiiir,” she drawls, “Don’t mind meeeee.”

Trashly isn’t new to streaming (she gained popularity through her Dead By Daylight playthroughs), but she is new to Elden Ring. The game has provided her with an entirely new fanbase – and a new set of challenges. Trashly, like many other Elden Ring players new to FromSoftware titles, is getting through the game by relying on magic. “I want to look fabulous and flowy and cast my spells from Afar,” she tells me during our conversation. And boy, does she.

magic build

(Image credit: @dragtrashly/FromSoftware)

Trashly (who is a software developer by day) plays Elden Ring exactly how I do: with the help of her friends and her magic. As of writing, her current build de ella has her de ella Intelligence at 60, Vigor at 32, and Mind at 27, and she’s rocking spells like Carian Slicer, Glintblade Phalanx, Rock Sling, Glintsone Arc, and more. “I’m playing the way I want to play. I want to wear cool clothes. I don’t want to wear the ugly helmets that cover my gorgeous purple face,” Trashly insists, referring to her Tarnished’s design, which includes vibrant purple skin, giant red lips a la queer icon Amanda Lepore, and blue and green eyeshadow. “I think there’s some chess involved in the melee combat where you have to learn the moves and respond to those, and if I can just shoot spells from afar that’s how I enjoy playing.”

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