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Discover the Bachelor in three years of the International University of Monaco and its admission outside Parcoursup!

By The Fab Studentpublished on September 05, 2022

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Trouble, Parcoursup? Have you considered parallel admission pathways? The International University of Monaco (IUM) offers you its own admission process for its Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). Commerce, management, communication, marketing, digital: business will have no more secrets for you.

Join the IUM Bachelor directly outside Parcoursup

After your baccalaureate, do you want to get into business, communications, marketing, digital? Good news: the International University of Monaco (IUM) offers you its Bachelor’s course in three years, entirely in English, with post-baccalaureate admission.

No stress to have with Parcoursup: the IUM offers its own admission route. All you need to do is submit your application online at Don’t panic if you don’t have your baccalaureate results yet: you can apply up to a year in advance.

You will then be invited to an online motivational interview. Finally, an admissions jury will meet to make a decision. You will then receive a response within two weeks. In short, simple and fast.

Learn management, marketing and communication, digital with the International University of Monaco in three years

First, you study the fundamentals of business and management. And, above all, you choose a course that allows you to explore an area that interests you. You receive specific courses:

  • BusinessManagement : Microeconomics; International Relations
  • Marketing & Communications : Advertising and Symbols; Computer Graphics
  • Digital Business Development : TechCulture; Introduction to Programming

Thanks to these different courses, you learn to master several commercial techniques and business strategies.

In the second year, it’s the international opening and you study a semester abroad

Two semesters, two different places: you are about to live a year rich in experiences. In the first semester, you deepen the knowledge acquired in the first year on business and management thanks to the courses “Business Evolution and Revolution” and “Developing Global Responsible Managers”.

Of course, at the same time, you continue your journey with dedicated courses:

  • BusinessManagement : Sales and Negotiations; Legal Environment of Business
  • Marketing & Communications : InDesign and the Printing Industry; Social Network Strategies
  • Digital Business Development : Design Thinking; Introduction to Data Management (DMBS, SQL)

During the second semester, you fly to other countries! You can join one of the IUM partner universities. Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia… Here are some examples:

  • Fairleigh Dickinson (Vancouver, Canada); Teaneck (USA)
  • Hanyang University Business School (Seoul, South Korea)
  • Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico)
  • Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (Nagoya, Japan)
  • School of Management Sabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey), etc.

In short, an experience you won’t soon forget!

Note that, if you have chosen the “Digital Business Development” course, you will spend your second semester of the second year at the ECE. This School of Engineering & High-Tech is located in Paris. In the heart of the capital, you dive into technical courses on cybersecurity, Big Data and data management, algorithms, etc.

The third year, you specialize

Thanks to the first two years, you know business and management. In the third year, you are therefore ready to choose a specialization:

  • Luxury Marketing, Sales and Services
  • InternationalFinance
  • Sports Business Management
  • Communications & Events Management
  • Global Business
  • Digital Business Development

Does the luxury market make you dream? Does finance fascinate you? Do you dream of organizing large-scale events? Depending on your professional career wishes, you will necessarily find the spec that suits you.

Finally, You do a long internship in a company during the last semester. Enough to fully immerse yourself before diving into the world of work and business.

And do not forget ! You can do optional internships in the first and second year too!

Master’s pursuit

Do you want to further deepen your skills and knowledge, like 40% of IUM students?

You can continue with a master’s degree and deepen your specialization. with the MSc Luxury Management, the MSc Sports Business Management, the MSc in Finance or the MSc International Management.

Prepare for your professional future with learning by doing at the International University of Monaco

During your studies, you work on concrete cases: this is the philosophy of learning by doing. For example, you learn to make recommendations on strategic business decisions. Formative moments for your future career.

You also benefit from Monaco’s professional network to prepare and develop your career.

Thus, on leaving the IUM, 70% of students who do not pursue their master’s studies find salaried or freelance employment three months after graduation (2021 figures).

The IUM in the heart of Monaco, a dynamic and multicultural principality

Monaco, that makes you dream!

This cosmopolitan principality is open to Europe and the world: it is thus accustomed to employing trainees and employees of all nationalities. Besides, 60% of IUM students find an internship in Monaco. It is also a big economic hub and very dynamic in terms of events!

Not to mention the mild climate and the exceptional living environment! Enough to take full advantage of your student life.

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