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Creative Outlier Pro wireless gaming earbuds review

The Creative Outlier Pro buds are almost the perfect wireless gaming earbuds for me. They’re cheaper than the JBL Quantums (opens in new tab), lighter, last longer, and the ANC is stronger… and even now I’m writing that I’m questioning myself for picking the JBLs over them. But those objectively positive features of the Outlier Pro are just one part of the wireless bud puzzle, it’s the more ephemeral, subjective experience of actually using them on a day-to-day basis that has them falling just short.

If I had just used them for a short time, pick them up for a quick game on the Steam Deck (opens in new tab), or played some music while working, I’d have been more impressed. But having used them consistently for a longer period of time has only highlighted the friction points.

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