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Best graphics card deals in Australia (June 2022)

If you put off buying a new GPU in 2021, you’re far from being alone. Horrendous pricing meant that 2021 was something of a lost year for PC gamers. Thankfully, that’s changing. Graphics card prices are finally falling and that means there are some ‘bargains’ to be found. Bargain is a relative term, as the prices of many cards are still above RRP in Australia, but the worst of the price gouging appears to be behind us.

GPU pricing is on a downward trend and is creeping back towards RRP level pricing. Asus claimed it “is reducing MSRP aggressively” (opens in new tab) and other vendors followed. At one point, premium models such as Asus’ RTX 3080 TUF and Strix cards were by far the cheapest 3080s (opens in new tab) on the market. Now it seems like the global market is catching up.

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