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ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD. – Network Player App ‘Share to Care’ Receives Japan-First JIS Certification for Software

‘Share to Care (StC)’, a network player app developed by Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. (TSE: 6770; President & CEO: Toshihiro Kuriyama), received JIS software certification (JIS mark certification for electromagnetic records such as software and data based on JIS X 25051) on June 9, 2022. The app, allowing sharing of music, video, photos and other content among different devices, was examined and certified by leading Japanese third-party certification body Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA). The certification verifies conformance with software quality requirements and the implementation of quality control systems during the app’s development. Alps Alpine’s certification is the first in Japanese since the launch of the JIS mark system for electromagnetic records in August 2019.

Software development is growing in importance in many sectors. At alps alpine, we will continue our pursuit of ever higher levels of quality in software development activities and work to strengthen our development framework through efforts to recruit and train software professionals. In this way, we will accelerate development of functional devices integrating hardware and software, thereby delivering new value to society.

Background to Certification

Inroads made by Internet of Things (IoT) technology into industrial equipment, factories, cities and other parts of society in recent years, as well as the quickening pace of technological innovation in the automotive industry typified by advances in the CASE domains (connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing and services, and electric vehicles), have led to greater connectivity of items that is generating new value. Software for controlling these systems is growing in importance as a result. There is also additional and expanding demand for software to enable the digital transformation (DX) of corporate business processes and concern about the quality of that software is mounting. Raising the quality of software necessitates not only improvements from our own perspective, but also looking into adding value for users and conformance with quality requirements.

Against the backdrop of these market developments, the rate of software development at alps alpine has also increased. For some time now, alps alpine has been designing systems enabling seamless and stress-free operation of hardware and software offerings built up over the years. This is done through development of not only hardware, but also embedded software1 for alps alpine products like automotive modules, applications like the ALPINE SmartX navigation app2, and car navigation systems, but now it is vital that we bolster our software development capability further. To achieve that, we are currently strengthening recruitment and training of software professionals while proactively accumulating expertise through acceleration of prior development in IoT and CASE domains and development of applications for general consumers.

Details of Certification

The network player app developed by alps alpine‘Share to Care,’ was awarded JIS software certification (JIS mark certification for electromagnetic records such as software and data based on JIS X 25051) by JQA, a third-party certification body for management standards accredited to both the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Prior to the certification, an assessment of conformity with the standards was carried out by Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hiromitsu Takeda), the first center in Japanese to become an accredited JNLA3 testing laboratory for evaluation of software. Conformance with quality requirements and implementation of quality control systems during development of software for the app was verified and alps alpine became the first in Japanese to obtain the certification since the launch of JIS mark system for electromagnetic records in August 2019.

‘Share to Care’ is a network player app allowing users to enjoy music, video, photos and other content stored on different devices, such as smartphones and tablets, with family, friends and others by sharing the data using Wi-Fi communication. With the right communication environment in place, it is possible to create an integrated space anywhere, with anyone, for sharing digital content as well as the excitement and emotion those experiences bring. Another affected use is watching over children sitting in the rear seat of a vehicle cabin. Besides monitoring children via a camera on the child’s device, it is also possible to remotely control music and video from other devices. The app is already available on Google Play and will be released in the app store in due course.


alps alpine will undertake global sales promotion of ‘Share to Care’ by highlighting the high level of software quality attested to by this certification in addition to the experiential value for users. Feedback from customers who actually use the app will also be gathered and analyzed as part of deliberation of new functions to further enhance the value of the customer experience. The aim is to create a user-to-everything (U2X) platform that lets users anywhere share a wide range of experiences in a fun, straightforward and secure manner.

In software development, which is growing in importance in many sectors, we will continue efforts to enhance software quality utilizing know-how acquired through development of the app and other products. At the same time, we will look to strengthen our development framework with a focus on recruiting and training software professionals and by doing so speed up development of functional devices integrating hardware and software, delivering new value to society.

About the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)

JQA is a leading Japanese third-party certification body that has been supporting the development of Japan’s manufacturing and service industries through conformity assessment services since its establishment in 1957. No other organization in Japanese has awarded more certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other management systems or offers a more comprehensive menu of services, including PSE mark (Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act) and JIS mark (Industrial Standardization Act) testing and certification, calibration of measuring instruments , testing and inspection of construction materials and mechanical products, and assessment for environmental concerns.

About Hitachi Solutions Create

Hitachi Solutions Create is an IT company playing a key role in the information and telecommunications systems business of the Hitachi Group. The company has a proven track record building mission-critical systems within sectors including finance, social infrastructure and the public sector, manufacturing and distribution and draws on that expertise to create solutions combining a wide range of products and services. Through the provision of solutions based on manufacturing capabilities built up over many years and actively incorporating cutting-edge technology, Hitachi Solutions Create wishes to help realize a secure, comfortable and sustainable society. As the best solutions partner for customers, the company will endeavor to keep track of changes and create new value, thereby contributing to solutions for social problems and the transformation and digital upgrading of customer business.

For more information, go to: (Japanese website)

About alps alpine

alps alpinea leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, has brought the world numerous ‘First 1 ‘ and ‘Number 1’ products since its founding in 1948. With strengths in developing products that integrate and build on core technology and expertise in the areas of human-machine interfaces, sensing, connectivity, software development and system design, alps alpine supplies roughly 40,000 different products and solutions across diverse domains. Those offerings include devices such as switches, sensors, communication modules, touch panels, camera actuators and power inductors; electronic shifters, remote keyless entry systems and other automotive units; system products such as digital keys based on blockchain technology, and remote monitoring of logistics operations; and aftermarket electronics like car navigation and audio systems. Operating 110 bases in 26 countries and regions, the Alps Alpine Group serves around 2,000 companies worldwide primarily within the automotive, energy and industry markets, and the consumer electronics market, including mobile devices.


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