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7 best 4K gaming monitors for GTA 5 in 2022

Alongside an able gaming PC, a good gaming monitor is also required to enjoy GTA 5 to its fullest. Even after nine months since its release, GTA 5 is still popular among fans. Many streamers like auronplay, summit1g, and loud_coringa engage massive viewers just by streaming GTA 5 Online. The graphics of GTA 5 have also come a long way and have gone through several changes.

With each update, the graphics quality of this popular open-world game gets even better. Fans are also very dedicated to creating new graphics mods for the game. And just like any other AAA title, a hi-res gaming monitor is required to get the best immersive experience.

Here are the top 7 gaming monitors to play GTA 5 in 2022.

Top 7 4K gaming monitors for GTA 5

7) BenQ EL2870U

  • 28″display
  • TN panel
  • 60Hz, 1ms
  • Free Sync

BenQ EL2870U is the cheapest option on the list. Lately, many value-for-money 4K gaming monitors have been out on the market, and BenQ EL2870U is a great example of such gaming monitors. This is one of the best gaming monitors under $500. The 28″ TN panel comes with 60Hz refresh rate, 300 nits peak brightness, and 1ms GTG response time.

AMD FreeSync gives AMD GPUs a phenomenal advantage over others. EL2870U is an HDR gaming monitor, and users can switch between four levels of HDR and BI+ modes depending on the content. The Brightness Intelligence Plus feature detects the contents of screen and environmental lighting to adjust brightness accordingly, greatly reducing eye strain.

Cost $249.99

6) Samsung LS32R750UENXZA Space Monitor

  • 31.5″display
  • VA panel
  • 60Hz, 4ms
  • Free Sync

LS32R750UENXZA belongs to Samsung’s Space Monitor series. Samsung released its Space Monitor series specifically for setups where space is very limited and each inch counts. This monitor is also great for people trying to build minimalistic setups.

Unlike any other monitors, Samsung LS32R750UENXZA comes with a desk clamp instead of a normal stand. The clamp can be attached to the edge of the desk. This 31.5″ 60Hz VA panel gaming monitor has almost non-existing bezels and display height, tilt, and even distance is adjustable.

LS32R750UENXZA supports AMD FreeSync. It has 4ms GTG response time and 250 nits max brightness. Special features include Samsung MagicUpscale, Samsung MagicBright, Eye Saver Mode, Game Mode, OffTimer Plus. The monitor stand arm also has an HDMI cable organizer route for even more clean-looking setups.

Cost $399.00

5) Acer Nitro XV273K Pbmiipphzx

  • 27″display
  • ips-panel
  • 144Hz, 1ms
  • Free Sync Premium

Entering the full-fledged gaming monitors section, here is Acer Nitro XV273K Pbmiipphzx. The 27″ IPS panel with 1ms VRB response time is meant for serious gaming. Its high 144Hz refresh rate makes it a great monitor for esports. The integrated AMD FreeSync Premium helps screen tearing, providing an overall better gaming experience.

Nitro XV273K has a max brightness of 400 nits. The amazing design of this monitor with sideflaps around the screen makes any gaming setup look even better.

Cost $549.99

4) MSI Optix MAG281URF

  • 27.9″ display
  • ips-panel
  • 144Hz, 1ms
  • G-Sync Compatible

MSI Optix MAG281URF is another 4K mid-range gaming monitor best suitable for esports. This gaming monitor packs a 27.9″ IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG response time and has a max brightness of 400 nits.

Optix MAG281URF has passed the VESA HDR Display 400 certification, providing a wide range of colors and sharp blacks. Paired with AI, it has features like Rapid IPS and Night Vision, ensuring a next-level gaming experience.

Users can adjust different display settings using the Gaming OSD app 2.0. Less Blue Light Premium is a hardware dependent on blue light emission control technology. This G-Sync Compatible gaming monitor has a sharp futuristic design with RGB panels that supports MSI Aura Sync, and special features include KVM 2.0, Optix Scope, and Smart Crosshair.

Cost $629.99

3) Asus ROG Strix XG438Q

  • 43″display
  • VA panel
  • 120Hz, 4ms
  • FreeSync Premium Pro

Entering the high price range, there’s ROG Strix XG438Q, a 43″ wide gaming monitor from Asus. This 120Hz VA panel comes with 4ms response time. The huge display with DisplayHDR 600 certification and 90% DCI-P3 professional color gamut ensures a phenomenal contrast ratio and color accuracy.FreeSync Premium Pro ensures smooth overall gaming performance.

GameFast Input Technology in Strix XG438Q minimizes input lag significantly and provides much faster motion delivery. Dual exclusive ASUS SonicMaster 10W stereo speakers offer a great surround sound experience. There are different HDR modes for movies, gaming, and gaming via AMD GPU.

Cost $883.03

2) Gigabyte AORUS FO48U

  • 47.53″display
  • OLED-panel
  • 120Hz, 1ms
  • Free Sync Premium

Gigabyte AORUS FO48U has a large 47.53″ OLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate and 1 ms GTG response time. The 10-bit color and ultra wide 98% DCI-P3/ 130% sRGB color gamut provides outstanding color accuracy and vibrance.

The latest HDMI 2.1 connectivity improves the gaming experience by providing higher bandwidth. AMD FreeSync Premium support results in a tear-free smooth gaming experience.

AORUS FO48U has a peak brightness of 900 nits, and special features include OSD Sidekick, Aim Stabilizer, Black Equalizer 1.0, Dashboard, KVM. The Space Audio system has four different modes: VS, FPS, Movie, and Live Concert. SuperSpeed ​​5V/1.5A power USB charging port helps users charge their devices while using the monitor.

Cost $999.99

1) HP Omen X Emperium 65

  • 65″display
  • VA panel
  • 144Hz, 4ms
  • G Sync Ultimate

Omen X Emperium 65 is the world’s first 65″ monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate support. HP took the best out of both gaming monitor and television and combined them together into a 65″ 144Hz 4K monitor, which has a VA panel with 4 ms response time. In addition, VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification ensures brighter whites, darker blacks, and overall vivid colors at max brightness of 1000 nits.

NVIDIA G-Sync HDR works with a GeForce graphics card to remove screen tearing, ghosting, flickering, and stuttering. The cadmium-free quantum dots technology delivers even richer and brighter colors while consuming less power. With 384 zones of full-array local dimming backlight and DCI-P3 cinema-grade color gamut, Emperium 65 promises the users a viewing experience of a whole other level.

Cost $3999.99

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.


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