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10 Weirdest Sega Bosses

Sega was one of the biggest first-party developers during the 1980s and ’90s but has since shifted into a third-party player ever since the unfortunate failure of the Dreamcast. Sega is no longer in the console business, but its brand still represents a specific type of game that resonates with audiences.

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Sega’s classic games still stand out today because of their unique graphics and challenging gameplay. Sega also has a longstanding history of satisfying boss battles. Everybody knows Dr. Robotnik, but there are even weirder collections of bosses to grace Sega consoles over the years.

10 Illbleed Pokes Fun At Sega’s Biggest Mascot With Zodick The Hellhog

illbleed is one of the most creative and self-aware survival horror games, which makes it especially frustrating that it remains locked away as a Dreamcast exclusive. illbleed is set at a haunted amusement park, and it cleverly subverts horror genre tropes like the final girl and copious sex and violence.

Each stage pokes fun at a different brand of B-movie genre cinema. The Toyhunter level is a bewildering parody of toy story that goes out on a bizarre version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Zodick the Hellhog. The chilling design is absolutely perfect, as is the way that it turns Sonic’s customs, like rings, into nightmare fuel.

9 Segagaga Forces The Player To Destroy Apocalyptic Sega Consoles

segagaga is one of Dreamcast’s swan song titles, and it never received a release outside of Japan. The unique spin on the simulation genre functions as a giant love letter to Sega’s history in the industry as players control a budding game developer who needs to get the company back on top.

segagaga features copious Sega cameos for its generic enemies, but the game’s final boss battle riffs on the shooter classic, ThunderForce. Sega’s various gaming consoles become giant mecha that attack the Earth. It’s strangely satisfying to destroy evil motherships that are shaped like a Sega Genesis and a Sega Saturn.

8 Dynamite Headdy’s Baby Face Bosses Experiences The Circle Of Life In Fast-Forward

Dynamite Headdy is an action-platformer for the Genesis that’s infinitely stylish and unique, yet it’s a game that rarely gets discussed in mainstream conversation. The titular protagonist in Dynamite Headdy rotates through a litany of odd head-centric power-ups and there’s a theatrical play structure that moves this “performance” along.

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Baby Face is an aerial battle that begins in a creepy place as the giant face of a toddler, but each of the boss’ forms rotates through a giant phase of life until it reaches its Grandpa Face form and transpires. It’s a rare mix of a boss that’s both visually and philosophically disturbing.

7 Alien Soldier’s Wolfgunblood Garopa Is Deadly Beast Who Rides Mechanized Mayhem

Treasure is responsible for some of the best run-and-gun titles for the Sega Genesis and Alien Soldier is a game that goes for broke. tragically, Alien Soldier was only available through the Sega Channel cable service in North America, which has turned this bonkers action game into an overlooked gem.

Each boss in this game is a complicated mechanical hybrid that combines more ideas than it should. These Mad Lib-like creations all stand out, but Wolfgunblood Garopa is an angry werewolf who rides a cyborg horse. None of it makes sense, but it’s a fun fight, and it looks amazing on the Genesis.

6 Vectorman Blows Up An Airplane For One Of His Biggest Boss Battles

vectorman is an edgy action game for the Sega Genesis that spawned a sequel and tells a story about a dystopian Earth that’s been decimated by toxic pollution. The player has fun with Vectorman’s destructive antics, but in the game’s story, he’s erasing waste and helping the Earth heal.

One of Vectorman’s oddest boss encounters is an airplane that has two wrecking ball-sized maces that hang down from its wings. There’s no quirky face added to this fight. It’s just a plane. vectorman‘s fiery feud with an aggressive airplane also predates ninja gaiden‘s helicopter boss battle by more than a decade. Sega did it first!

5 Ecco The Dolphin’s Vortex Queen Turns The Serene Experience Into A Horror Film

Ecco the Dolphin, a courageous time-traveling porpoise, is one of Sega’s unlikeliest mascots to find success during the 1990s. The Genesis’ Ecco the Dolphin is an undeniably different take on the platforming genre as calming aquatic environments and unique puzzles compliment Ecco’s adventure.

The game’s grander plot involves an evil alien race who plan to steal the Earth’s water and Ecco personally takes on the aliens’ queen in the game’s final boss battle. Most Echo bosses resemble angry aquatic life, yet the Vortex Queen looks like she’s designed by HR Giger. It’s a surprisingly frightening final fight that puts metroid‘s Mother Brain to shame.

4 Gunstar Heroes’ Seven Force Is A Giant Crab, Tiger, Gun, & More

Treasure’s Gunstar Heroes is an explosive action title that breathes excess at every possible opportunity. The weapons, levels, and boss battles are all free, but a whole game’s worth of enemies are encountered with Seven Force, a machine that shifts into seven distinct forms (or five if the player is on the easy difficulty).

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Soldier Force, Tiger Force, and Crab Force are all absurdist fights that feel better suited for Megaman, but Blaster Force — a giant pistol — is truly the most outrageous. Blaster Force is notably changed to Archer Force, a bow and arrow, in the Game Boy Advance’s Gunstar Super Heroes.

3 Clockwork Knight’s Dandy Bob Is A Vengeful Ventriloquist’s Dummy

The Sega Saturn struggled to find original IPs that could reach the same levels of acclaim as their first-party endeavors, but Clockwork Knight and its sequel feel like perfect platformers from their respective gaming generation. Clockwork Knight makes effective use of the 2.5D sidescroller aesthetic in its toy story-esque world of children’s games.

Dandy Bob, a lumbering ventriloquist dummy who defensively uses his top hat, is an upsetting boss encounter. It’s a jarring sight in any context, but the American release of Clockwork Knight colors Dandy Bob blue, instead of his original peach complexion, which makes this big baby look like he’s suffocating.

two Reala From NiGHTS Into Dreams Is The Hero’s Nightmarish Double

NiGHTS Into Dreams was designed to be the Sega Saturn’s crowning achievement and a AAA title that could properly take down Super Mario 64. The Saturn failed to make much of an impression, but that shouldn’t diminish the innovation in Yuji Naka’s NiGHTS.

NiGHTS‘Transformative take on the platforming genre has received sequels and been remade, but none can compare with the dreamlike nature of the original. Reala is positioned as Nights’ twisted doppelgänger, and it adds a seriously creepy layer to the battle. Fights against shadow versions of the hero are nothing new, but the twisted jester look to Reala is particularly memorable.

1 Streets Of Rage 3’s Roo Is A Kangaroo Who Loves To Box

The beat-’em-up genre thrived during the 1980s and ’90s and Sega’s street of rage series represents a high point in the button-mashing field. Streets of Rage 3 is the biggest entry in the series, and it hides a surprising amount of secret content, whether it’s multiple endings or unlockable characters.

The biggest perk in the game is to gain control of Roo, a violent kangaroo who wears boxing gloves, but players need to first defeat the unusual creature in a boss battle. The ultra-tough exterior of the street of rage series is immediately punctured by this silly character who’s become a fan-favorite in the franchise.

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