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10 Most Iconic Outfits In Gaming

Gamers sometimes overlook outfits in video games and focus merely on the character as a whole. However, outfits play a significant role in gaming by adding to the artistry of a game. A lot of the time, players will spend the entirety of a game looking at the outfits. Sometimes the tiny changes in a recurring outfit make it special, while other times, it is the design alone.

Not all of the outfits mentioned will be those that everyone might be familiar with. However, some of these outfits are iconic within their franchises. All outfits or outfit sets are those that deserve some light.


10/10 Isaac Clarke Advanced Engineer RIG – Dead Space

Isaac Clarke’s Advanced Engineer Rig is one of the second to last suits in Dead Space. Even so, it sure is one of the most memorable suits that the player gets. It is one of the main suits that was used in a lot of the marketing that was presented for the game.

The mask is fully intact, with three large beam-looking slits located on it and one smaller one at the top. There are small armor slots that cover the player’s entire body. Overall, the design offers something that looks like what a future miner would wear. This outfit is part of what adds to the believability that Dead Space brought along with it.

Link wears a lot of different clothing items throughout the Legend of Zelda games. The most iconic of these outfits would have to be the green tunic. Link is often seen wearing this outfit in the majority of the games. In some of the games, he’ll gain different outfits as the story progresses, but this is his most classic outfit.

The outfit is never truly complete without the finishing touches of the master sword and Hylian shield. Both of those items bear the marks of the Triforce and Hylian Crest. All of the pieces of Link’s outfit are iconic to his story of him. This is because every piece is imbued with lore from different timelines of the series.

8/10 Master Chief Spartan Armor – Halo Series

In the history of gaming, there is not an outfit that is as recognizable in the Sci-Fi FPS genre as Master Chief’s Mjolnir variants in the Halo series. His armor from him slightly changes as the game series progresses, but the general idea stays the same. It looks like the armor that would belong to a highly trained super soldier of the future.

The designs changing on Mjolnir is also interesting as every change is canonically part of the same outfit. The only reason the different olive green variants exist is because of the fixes that were made on the armor. These fixes are due to all of the combat Master Chief you have experienced.

7/10 Zagreus Default Outfit – Hades

Zagreus is from the game Hades, and while his name or outfit might not be the most popular in households across America, his outfit is genuinely magnificent. Everywhere a player looks, there is something different going on. He bears a toga that exposes part of the right side of his body and his arm. He only has a wrap on his arm, causing for some simple design. The left side of his robe gets interesting.

He has the bones of two demon dogs as a shoulder guard. His arm bears a glove with a yellow and red symbol. The way the outfit pops with tones of blood-colored red against white and gray is hauntingly spectacular.

6/10 Mario Overalls – Mario Series

Mario’s overalls are a sacred piece of gaming history as they are something that’s gone through very little change. He, for the most part, wears the same red shirt underneath and the blue overalls with the big golden buttons. Some games do add other outfits to his roster, though.

The other iconic outfits added to his wardrobe are sometimes parts of his history, like the doctor Mario outfit. However, they’re never going to be the first thing to pop into people’s minds when they think of Mario. The first thing will always be his plumber outfit. The main thing about Mario’s base outfit is that he’s gotten slightly more graphically superior with every iteration of the game.

5/10 Sora’s Default Outfit – Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 might not have been the most well-received in the series. However, it introduced one of the best outfits that Sora’s had throughout the series. Fans of the genre could surely agree that his outfit has come a long way from where it stood in the first game.

It’s a lot sleeker than previous versions and is a lot less parachute-like in its design. His shoes also aren’t grotesquely clown-looking and look like something a rational human being would wear. Overall, this is one of his best outfits in the series, and it wholeheartedly fits Sora and his character evolution.

4/10 Voldo Default Outfit – SoulCalibur V

Voldo is probably one of the first characters people think of when they play SoulCalibur. He it’s also the first character in a fighting game to have given everyone nightmares. Some of his recognition of him has to do with the fact that his move set of him is authentic to himself. Another part of this is the fact that Voldo wears outfits that catch the attention of players because of the unnatural design.

His outfit in SoulCalibur V has to be one of his most iconic as he looks like a fuzzy serial killer with another face on his crotch. Yeah, it’s seriously this weird. He also wears straps that engulf most of his face from him. It’s utterly horrific but also makes him enchantingly difficult to look away from whenever he comes on the screen.

3/10 Wesker Trench Coat Outfit- Resident Evil 5

Wesker’s blacked-out outfit in Resident Evil 5 is something that anyone with a good sense of fashion can enjoy. As one of the first primary Villains of the Resident Evil series, it only makes sense for him to look this ominously awesome.

Wesker wears a leather trench coat with a pattern that looks like it’s made up of indented and unindented squares that are black and dark gray. Underneath, he wears a tight vest jacket piece with a turtleneck, tight black pants, and combat boots. The way his outfit of him seamlessly goes from one piece to another is exquisite. He has no reason to look this good when taking over the world. Even so, he does and, for that, he deserves a little respect as one of the most iconically dressed villains.

2/10 Solaire Armor of the Sun – Dark Souls

Solaire was kind of like a mascot to the Dark Souls series for a while. The fans of the game adored him as he had one of the most heartfelt stories that the game had to offer. The outfit that he wears is so iconic that it can be found in Dark Souls 3.

His armor itself feels like something that a knight of tradition would wear. The center sun on his armor from him was painted by Solaire himself, which is found out if players collect his armor from him. Players can also see that, unlike some armor in the game, it is powerless. It is light cloth armor that is reminiscent of the dark romanticism that the souls series exudes.

1/10 A Witch With No Memories – Bayonetta

Bayonetta’s costume is by far one of the most fashionable on this list. It makes sense as the character designer Mari Shimazaki took her time designing Bayonetta. She was given three traits to start with, which were mentioned in Shimazaki’s blog post about Bayonetta. In the blog, Shimazaki also mentions, “I designed her so that this sense of fashion came through in all the little details.”

Every part of the design in her look is meant to give off a sense of elegance, down to the mole on her face and glasses. It’s hard to say that there is a character’s outfit that is as iconic as Bayonetta’s. This might be one of the outfits with the most thought dedicated to every aspect of its design.

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