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10 Best Accessories For The Game Boy Family

Nintendo’s Game Boy family is one of, if not the most popular line of handheld gaming systems of all time. Countless people grew up with these classic handhelds and created fond memories throughout their childhood. They were simple to figure out, easy to carry around and supported tons of classic games, ranging from Legend of Zelda to Pokemon.

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While the systems were already incredibly popular and well received, a number of accessories and add-ons were also released to further amplify the gameplay experience. These accessories were also a great way to visually customize the Game Boy line.


To begin with, the link cable for the Game Boy is a true classic. This small chord allows you to connect with friends and play games together, to an extent. With the console being so small and portable, it was a great way to play with your neighborhood friends during the pre-online gaming era.

This cable was possibly the most useful for the Pokemon games, which were always about trading, battling with your friends, and trying to complete the game with their help.

9 Grip And Buttons

Each of the Game Boy’s iterations has a classic design – Color, Advance, and Advance SP included. However, their compact structure and simplistic shape would sometimes hurt your hands during extended play sessions.

We didn’t have the ergonomic designs of the PlayStation controllers of today back then. That was easily solved with an accessory, though. One of the ways to have a comfortable gaming session was with a vast selection of grips and button overlays you could attach to your Game Boy. This was one of the simple, yet essential accessories you could consider for your Game Boy.

8 battery-pack

It’s always a bad time when you are out playing with your friends or during a long trip, and you realize the low battery warning light up. Suddenly, it’s a choice between sitting next to a power outlet, if it is available, or ending your game to continue the adventure later. This was worse during the Game Boy days.

You could mitigate it by getting a battery back and giving your Game Boy several extra hours of juice. These were usually rechargeable, so you didn’t need to buy regular batteries.

7 game genie

The Game Genie was a unique accessory for the Game Boy. You could insert it into your console and your regular cartridge into the Game Genie. This device usually came with a small handbook with cheat codes for several popular games too.

Using the Game Genie, you could input codes for the game cartridge do whatever you wanted, including modifying game data, accessing parts of the game that the developers did not make accessible, altering in-game items, and much more. This was a fun device for those looking to find out what a game was made of.

6 Worm Light

Those who’ve played, or at least tried to play Game Boy on a road trip during the night, will tell you that the console was not meant to be played in the dark. While people since modified Game Boys to include backlighting, a more straightforward solution existed with the Worm Lights.

It was a simple reading-light-like accessory that you could plug into your Game Boy for power. While a straightforward add-on, it could make the Game Boy much more playable in low-light situations.

5 Game Boy Camera And Printer

Did you know that the Game Boy had a camera and a printer you could plug into it? So your Game Boy could be more than a gaming console and acted as a polaroid camera. A low-quality, small-sized printer and a 30-year-old camera, mind you, but still.

Obviously, you weren’t printing full-sized posters with this thing, but it was undoubtedly a unique and exciting part of gaming history to own.

4 Magnifying

The Game Boy screen can feel very small, especially now that we’re spoiled with portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. However, an accessory to patch that shortcoming was also produced, the magnifying glass.

They also usually came with lights, so it was like a two-in-one deal. This accessory was not meant to be underestimated, though, as it could significantly increase the immersion and atmosphere, despite just magnifying the regular Game Boy screen.

3 Protective Cases And Custom Bodies

Most people don’t use their smartphones without a protective case, so why would we use our Game Boys without one? There used to be a large selection of cases for the Game Boy line, eventually becoming less of a utility and more of a fashion accessory.

People also modified these with fantastic custom art to their consoles. Made from different materials in different sizes and shapes, an excellent protective case for your Game Boy could make it truly one-of-a-kind.

two Konami Hyperboy

If you ever wanted to transform your Game Boy into a stationary mini arcade, Konami’s Hyperboy was made for you. With this massive chunk of plastic, you could turn your regular Game Boy controls into arcade controls, with a joystick replacing your D-pad.

In addition, you got a light-up magnifying screen, better speakers, and an amazing-looking console lying around. Obviously, this was not meant for carrying around, but if you were the kind of person to boot up your Game Boy while sitting at home or were just into retro hardware that looks amazing, The Hyperboy was a must-buy.

1 Saitek Booster Boy

The Saitek Booster Boy is truly the final form of the Game Boy. It is the quintessential Iron-Man suit for your handheld console. With this accessory, you got great speakers, a giant magnifying glass, prominent controls overlaying the Game Boy’s, entry to all necessary ports of the console, longer battery life, and an awesome new look.

This accessory had the best of all other accessories on this list and genuinely took your Game Boy to the next level. Just don’t be too surprised when you get weird looks on the subway if you decide to take this thing outside.

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